Our wonderful swimming teacher Kirsty, from Sport Northland, has been working on water safety with the students this week.  She brought along some life-jackets for the children to use, and showed them what to do when you are wearing one.

We learned how to put a life-jacket on correctly.  It’s a good idea to get an adult to help you.


Then we practised getting into a huddle to keep warm.  We practised this outside the pool first as it’s a bit trickier in the water.


We also had a go at keeping warm.  You put your hands under your armpits and bring your legs up. 


Everyone had a try at floating and moving around on their fronts and their backs.


Then in was time to practise the huddle in the water…hang on tight, around the waist!


If you need to move, stay together in a line and kick on your backs. This is not quite as easy as the awesome Room 2 swimmers make it look!


We also practised how to hang on to floating objects if we don’t have a life jacket that fits

…and how to blow a whistle to let rescuers know where we are.


Thanks Kirsty, it was a fun lesson and you helped us learn to Keep Ourselves Safe!