Can kids cook? 

Today we found out the answer to this question.  Chris came to our school and brought his kitchen too!  He set it up in Room 1 and Room 2 went along to see what was happening.

First Chris chose a sous-chef (that’s French!)  A sous-chef helps the chef in the kitchen.  Zac was our sous-chef and he was very busy.

First Zac had to measure out some flour, and crack some eggs into the flour.

Then Chris plugged in the electric beater.  Hey, wait a minute, he has plugged in Zac!

Next Zac had to chop some silverbeet.  You must always look at what you are chopping…don’t chop your fingers.  Next the busy sous-chef grated some apple.  Bonnie-Rose was the only one who knew that apples have 6 sides? (Well they do if you grate them the right way.)

After all that chopping, grating and mixing, Chris fried some crepes.  Mrs Jamieson and Hinemarama were VERY surprised to see steaming crepes flying through the air.

The crepes were rolled up with apple and silverbeet inside and then the Masterchef tasters came up. 

“Hmmmmm,” said Hezekiah, “That was pretty good.”  Richa, the other judge did not agree. She gave it the thumbs down.


Then the other tasters had a go.

Appreciation day and kids can cook 055 Appreciation day and kids can cook 056 Appreciation day and kids can cook 058 Appreciation day and kids can cook 059

 These judges are pretty impressed.  Delicious!

So now we can answer the question, can kids cook?  And the answer is…

Yes, they can!


Mrs Jamieson and Room 2 would like to say a very special thank you the the Kaiwaka School PTA who sponsored this awesome programme!