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Ahoy there me hearties!

Some fierce pirates came to visit Room 2 this week.  I wonder if you can recognise any of them? These two pirates went to search for treasure at the office.     These pirates sailed on the Pirate Ship Room 2, with Captain Purple. They [...]

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Wheels Day

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Can kids cook?

Can kids cook?  Today we found out the answer to this question.  Chris came to our school and brought his kitchen too!  He set it up in Room 1 and Room 2 went along to see what was happening. First Chris chose a sous-chef (that's [...]

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Appreciation Day in Room 2

At Kaiwaka School, we like to show our appreciation for all the awesome behaviour choices made during each term.  This is the reason for appreciation day. Appreciation day is a little different each time, but this time children were allowed to bring small toys from [...]

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Lollipops Playland – By Pyper Buxton

  I went to Lollipops Playland.  It was fun.  There  was a house in it.  I went in the castle.  There was a slide. By Pyper Buxton

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Dressing Up for Cure For Child Cancer

On Friday all the students at Kaiwaka School joined in with other Kaiwaka children to support the Small Poppies fundraiser for 'Cure For Child Cancer.' We dressed up in costumes, had a parade and added our coins to a coin trail.  Here are some photos [...]

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In the police car

Wow! Room 2 had a great experience today. Constable Ian and Constable Todd took us out and let all the children have a sit in the police car.  Everyone 'made it click' and did up their seat-belts.  We couldn't go for a ride because we [...]

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Room 2: Keeping safe in the water

Our wonderful swimming teacher Kirsty, from Sport Northland, has been working on water safety with the students this week.  She brought along some life-jackets for the children to use, and showed them what to do when you are wearing one. We learned how to put [...]

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Keeping Ourselves Safe

All of the classes have been visited by Constable Ian this week.  He has been helping the students learn how to keep themselves safe.  Here are some pictures from Room 2 of the children learning with Constable Ian. Using the story boards   [...]

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Room 2 are good at helping!

Bonnie-Rose and Kazia put the chairs up. Jayden and Zac make sure their bags are hanging up tidily. Hinemarama checks that Nathan is OK...he is, he was just pretending. Te Ataakura and Hezekiah co-operate to tidy up the [...]

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