Room 4


Kereru hard at work

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Room Four’s New Construction Equipment

Room 4 enjoying our new construction equipment.

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Peer Editing

This is what peer editing looks like in Room 4.

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Pirate Ships

The children did a fantastic job working together and measuring out their pirate ships. Well done everyone.

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Last week we created some freeze frames showing what our SHARE Hand looks like. Can you work out which freeze frame the children are showing? Safe Helping Aroha Respect Encouragement  

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Introducing Room Four 2017

Introducing Room Four 2017  

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Year 4, 5, 6 Camp: ‘permission’ forms and ‘parent help’ slips

Consent Form for Moirs Point Camp 2016 Parent help form 2016

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Room 4 Swimming

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Room 4 2015

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North Power

We had a visit from Jan Thompson from North Power today. She made us aware of how electricity can be dangerous and how to keep our selves safe. In the comments write what you learnt or found interesting.  

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