We encourage all parents in our school area, who have preschoolers, to call the school and let us know so that we can add your children to our list of prospective students. This is extremely helpful for the principal when she is predicting future needs and resources needed for the school.

Pre School Visits

Please contact the school again approximately four weeks before your child’s fifth birthday to arrange a time to do the formal enrolment.  For this enrolment, parents need to supply the following information:

Proof of residency, either a birth certificate or passport

Clarification of Immunisation Status. (Immunisation is not compulsory; schools just need to keep a record of who is and who is not immunised)

During this meeting we will arrange for the student to have morning visits before the actual date of entry.   Parents are asked to stay for the first visit.  Please click on the form below for enrolment details.


Ready for school

Does your child:

Know his/her name and address well enough to repeat it when necessary?

Know your phone number?

Put play things away after use

Take off and put on outer clothing without help?

Fasten their own shoes?

Know how to and remember to flush the toilet without help?

Know how to and remember to wash and dry their own hands after using the toilet and before eating?

Know their own name when seen in print. (Not in block capitals)

Regularly listen to stories read aloud?

Have opportunities at home to draw, colour, cut out, read and write?